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Inversion table


Inversion table - simulator, designed to practice inversion therapy, which is carried out by Davis upside down and leads [citation needed 1417 days] to improve the state of health, in particular the elimination of (reduction) back pain, improve blood circulation, improve the efficiency of the lymphatic system and enhance immunity.


The positive properties of the simulator [edit | edit wiki text]

Proponents of this method of treatment as the inversion therapy argue that the use of an inversion table (simulator) allows you to get rid of back pain by removing the load from the back and stretching of the intervertebral discs. Other positive effects include simulator [citation needed 1417 days]:


best fitness inversion table


improved posture;

stress relief in myshtsax;

profilaktika such diseases as varicose veins;

strengthening the ligaments;

increase flexibility and range of motion;

relaxation and stress relief;

kpovoobrascheniya stimulation and lymph flow.

Contraindications to the use of the simulator

This machine has the following contraindications [


hypertension 2 tbsp .;


brain aneurysm;


chronic connective tissue disease;

CHD pristupnaya period;

senile dementia;

ventral hernia;

prosthetic joints;



Characteristics of the inversion table

You can adjust in view of human growth (from 145-206 cm). The design was developed taking into account the latest achievements of Spine (branch of medicine that studies the spine). Soft mounting in the lower leg gently and firmly hold the legs. Sturdy steel frame construction with scissor joint. Rapid containment system securely locks the legs. Quick installation of the maximum angle of inclination. The safety device for fixing a selected angle of inclination.